Enhancing clinical efficiency for healthcare providers with Caradigm’s Identity and Access Management suite

Caradigm Identity and Access Management

Following many successful years delivering IAM solutions into the healthcare market we’re now partnering with Caradigm, a leading vendor of clinical identity and context management software to provide rapidly implemented efficiency solutions which deliver tangible benefits right from the start.

Built around Caradigm’s Identity and Access Management suite of products, Aurionpro’s Clinical Desktop solutions can provide account provisioning, single sign-on (SSO), context management and auditing services which can be used to manage and mitigate risk, reduce operational costs and improve IT service delivery.

Key components of the solution are:

Single Sign-On and Context Management

Caradigm’s Single Sign-On and Context Management are designed specifically for use in healthcare and improve clinician efficiency by not only eliminating the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords but also by enabling clinical applications to automatically follow the currently selected patient context. The complete Clinical Desktop solution allows clinicians to suspend a work session on one device, log into another device and continue working from exactly where they left off with all applications and patient context completely intact. Support for multi-factor and rapid sign-in mechanisms such as smart cards and “tap and go” further enhances workflow efficiency.

The benefits of Caradigm Single Sign-On and Context Management extend beyond the streamlining of clinician’s workflows: Self-service password reset (SSPR) provides clinicians with the ability to reset forgotten passwords from any device and helps to reduce the number of incoming calls to the ICT Help Desk.


  • Single Sign-On to desktops and applications with full support of multifactor and rapid sign-on technologies, regardless of an application’s CCOW compliance
  • Seamless setting and following of patient context across all clinical applications
  • User session persistence across authentication sessions and devices and when deployed in conjunction with a server-based desktop delivery solution, persistence of the entire clinical working environment across devices
  • Support for multiple deployment scenarios (personal, shared and kiosk)

Account Provisioning

Aurionpro’s user account provisioning solution allows healthcare organisations to model and automate their user account lifecycle management processes to provide a greatly enhanced degree of control over user permissions and access to patient information. Built around a simple workflow automation framework, Caradigm Provisioning can consume user-related information originating from multiple external systems and combine this with notification and approval rules to streamline existing provisioning and de-provisioning processes, ensure compliance with governance requirements and eliminate the common problem of user “permission creep”.


  • Dramatically reduces the time required to provision a new user account
  • Improves security by introducing the same degree of control over the user de-provisioning process as is available for provisioning
  • Reduces IT costs by placing control over who has access to systems and services in the hands of the relevant business owner
  • Reduces operational risk


Ensuring patient privacy and the security of personal information is a critical consideration in healthcare. Used in conjunction with Caradigm Single Sign-On and Context Management, Privacy Auditor is an advanced access analysis and reporting solution which monitors caregiver access to patient records, can track application use and record access across an organisation and provides detailed information about who has viewed what, from where, how often and when.

In addition to providing valuable audit data, the information acquired by Privacy Auditor can also be used to analyse application usage patterns and be incorporated into IT infrastructure and service administration systems to provide additional intelligence to capacity planning.


  • Assists in enforcing regulatory compliance
  • Reduces the time required to complete audits
  • Monitors access to applications and patient records across the organisation
  • Protects patient privacy and improves security

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