Optimize paper-based, electronic, and cash collections for
smarter money management


Collections are moving from costly, cumbersome and complex paper trails to electronic transactions

Automation of the collections process means lower probability of frauds and manual errors.
Since cash collection and paper trails involve costs for the banks and subsequently higher fees for their corporate clients, banks across the boards are moving towards automated electronic collection systems
With automation, the practice of intentional delay in payments processing and high dependence on corresponding banking models is reduced drastically
However, regional factors including local regulations, currency fluctuations, and market dynamics still come into play. Hence, the ‘glocal’ banks that offer tailored solutions are preferred by SMEs with global presence.

Smarter Collections For Improved Cash Flow

A ‘glocal’ collections module that is faster, offers comprehensive visibility across various modes of collection, and easy integration with existing core banking systems, facilitating different modes of  collections, depending on the customer’s requirements:

Paper Trials

Cash Collections

Electronic Collections



  • Integration with cheque truncation system
  • Assured credit on arrangement basis
  • Handling correspondent bank requirements
  • 360 Degree Tracking of PDC's.
  • Manual and automatic lodging and withdrawal


  • Debit triggered automatically Online facility to upload debit instruction
  • Comprehensive reports, including mandate registration and debit instruction
  • Comprehensive and customized MI as per requirements


  • Capture denominations for cash collection
  • Direct credit to corporate
  • Pick up point and pick up date maintenance


  • Auto/Manual Reconciliation
  • Matching rules like FIFO, LIFO, Higher outstanding
  • Integration of Multiple payment sources
  • Force Match/Un-reconcile option
  • Virtual Account mapping capabilities


Enable a 360 degree view of your corporate customers and their transactions

Deliver updated management information regarding exchange rates, regional regulations and local market dynamics

Eliminate the need for cumbersome and complex manual reconciliations

Leverage correspondent banking model for SME clients that have still not moved to electronic transactions

Customize the collections module based on the unique needs of your corporate or SME clients

Ensure seamless interoperability with existing core system