Optimal management of surplus funds

Liquidity Management

Make cash work harder for you

Banks can get benefited and yield high returns in the long run in many ways in which a flexible liquidity solution can make cash work harder, so that the banks can enjoy the results from its stability. Meeting the growing needs of customer and retaining them in this highly competitive market is foremost challenge for a bank.

Companies business would benefit significantly if they could:

Optimum utilization & management of the company’s funds without manual intervention.
Increase visibility, reduce risk and improve the availability of cash across the business.
Leveraging idle balances to improve day-to-day cash flow.

Liquidity Management


Notional Pooling

Inter-company Loans

Investment Sweeps



  • Account structure creation
  • Interest template maintenance
  • Account maintenance rules management
  • Sweep IN, Sweep OUT, Reverse Sweeping


  • Add accounts till Nth level
  • Defining of the interest templates
  • Programmable execution frequency
  • Mirror account report


  • Creating corporate specific lending and Borrowing rates
  • Allow corporate to decide interest accrued
  • Interest calculation days based on corporate needs
  • Promissory notes generated/settled automatically


  • Automates the transfer of investable funds
  • Reduces the time required to manage your investable operating cash
  • An automated sweep system eliminates the need to call in daily investment instructions.
  • Convenient reporting over the corporate portal


Help your SME clients move surplus funds across international borders with minimum complexity and at a low cost.

Maximum your cash position with tailored instruments for liquidity management

Customize the liquidity module based on the unique needs of your SME clients

Ensure seamless interoperability with existing core system

Customize business rules to set up mandates and triggers for automated sweeping or pooling

Enable virtual netting of balances through notional pooling

Flexible solutions such as notional pooling and inter-company loans that allow your clients to move surplus funds parked in countries that have stringent regulations governing cross-border fund transfer

Invested funds earn interest income on a daily basis

Provides investment income while maintaining liquidity

Efficiently manage investable operating cash