Proven solution catering to comprehensive receivable
management needs of banks.

Receivables Management

The imperative to transform from manual to electronic receivables management

E-invoicing is the logical alternative to paper trails
Receivables management solution that facilitates banks in defining flexible collection products for emerging markets.
However, regional factors including local regulations, currency fluctuations, and market dynamics still come into play. Moreover, a huge proportion of receivables are still in paper format. Hence, the ‘glocal’ banks with high coverage are the preferred business partners, particularly for SMEs.
An automated receivables management solution provides comprehensive visibility of account payables and debt receivables for your corporate clients
A solution that addresses the comprehensive receivables needs of the bank’s corporate customers.

Convenient and Flexible Debt Collection

A ‘glocal’ receivables management module that is faster, offers comprehensive visibility, lower risk, and easy integration with existing core banking systems, offering not just the technologically advanced automated systems but also paper-based collections and manual reconciliation for the unique needs of our clients:

Account Receivables

Account Payables




  • Initiation
    • Manual Entry
    • File Upload
    • Host 2 Host


  • Inward Payments
    • Electronic Payments
    • Cheque Payments
    • Cash Payments


  • Setting up of matching rules
  • Auto/Manual Reconciliation
  • Matching rules like FIFO, LIFO, Higher outstanding
  • Integration of Multiple payment sources


  • Capture & adjustment of debit / credit note
  • MIS Reporting with customized additional information
  • Invoice & dealer wise reconciliation reporting
  • Dealer wise outstanding reporting


Optimize fund consolidation, reduce costs, improve efficiency and profitability for your bank with a standardized, glocal receivables management solution customizable for your large corporate’s/SME clients based on their unique needs.

Enable a 360 degree view of your corporate customers and their transactions

Deliver updated management information regarding exchange rates, regional regulations and local market dynamics

Eliminate the need for cumbersome and complex manual reconciliations

Leverage our flexible ‘glocal’ banking model for SME clients that have still not moved to electronic transactions

Customize the receivables module based on the unique needs of your corporate or SME clients

Ensure seamless interoperability with existing core system