Retail Kiosk

Automated New Age Digital Retail Self Service Solution


Enter The New Digital Order Of Retail Banking

Aurionpro’s Retail Kiosk converts back-office procedures to self-service kiosks, allowing for more convenient and hassle-free services. Reduce the amount of manual processing to avoid a high mistake rate. Improve back-office productivity with Retail kiosk and easily handle any situation involving high-volume cash transactions, check deposits, and coin deposits.

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Reduce customer wait time by 30%

Migrate frontline activities into the digital channels
  • Instant Card Issuance
  • Cash and Cheque Automation
  • Automated Visa Control Terminals
  • KYC and On-boarding
  • Branch in a box

Reduce customer attrition by 43%

Track, analyze and map end-to-end customer journey
  • Customer Flow Management
  • Proximity Marketing
  • Customer Feedback
  • Digital Signage
  • Frontline Service Automation

Accelerate omni channel experince by 50%

Drive omni-channel experiences with ACE middleware
  • Omni-channel transaction
  • Customer Analytics
  • Device and peripheral Management
  • Multimodal biometric authentication
  • Interactive Video

Retail Kiosk Experience

Modular, Flexible & New-Gen Customization

Cash Deposit Solution

The basic unit includes a cash deposit module that automates large cash deposits and provides rapid, secure, and dependable service.

Cheque Deposit Solution

Let customers be free from long cheque deposit queues.
The cheque scanning system is outfitted with a cutting-edge cheque scanning equipment that completely conforms with CTS.

Coin Deposit Solution

The coin deposit unit is designed to safely count multiple currencies/denominations in a timely way, allowing for simpler coin reconciliation.

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Provisional Credit

Improved Visibility

Increase Safety & Reduce Risk

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