Are you sure your implemented WMS is fully featured?

When you start looking at the options of warehouse management software(WMS), you’ll be able to identify some of the common things while evaluating such tools which includes their built-in structure along with functionality and features. What you truly need to focus on, Is the advance features that’s automate small but important business needs as and when required. Here are some of the advance features you should be ought to watch out for:

By looking at the current situation of your warehouse it may seems very far off dream for you to make it fully automated, but the capability to integrate automation features at the given moment makes a huge countable difference. It is always better to have this feature and not need it than to need it and not have it. If all of a sudden you decided to add an automation to your warehouse, it might cost you dearly if your WMS doesn’t support it.

Product Lot/Expiration Date Tracking
Product Lot/Expiration dates can be used as norms to execute process (FIFO) first in, first out at your warehouse. If your Warehouse Management Software (WMS) isn’t making product pivot simpler, then it’s time to make a move an upgrade. Lot controls and expiration date tracking plays a critical role in managing your inventory effortlessly; It also serves an important aspect of getting the best quality products out for a delivery from your warehouse to your valuable customers.

Dock Features
Majority of Warehouse Management Software (WMS) are designed in such a manner, who looks after product movements, and process starts of at the time products are placed on the shelves till the time they picked up to fulfil the order placed by customers.  However, Perfect WMS software kick off its product movement tracking well before they have been put away in your warehouse. Perfect WMS systems holds an advanced dock features, with which one can check the product faster and without making an extra stop it can be routed back out the door. In addition, packing estimators and pallet organizer are included into advanced dock feature that helps in cut down on waste.

Cycle Count Planning
Your warehouse management software should be set up to enhance your cycle counting process. By offering paperless cycle counting functionality, one can enhance efficiency and accuracy of complete cycle count while reducing the time and staff required. Perfect WMS (Warehouse Management Software) offers you various flexibility while managing inventory, By allowing you to move product between different categories or rearrange your product counting schedule as and when needed.

There are numerous features that might be important for specific industry, but when it’s come to warehouse management, the above mentioned four are “Must Haves” features that should be there in today’s perfect WMS (Warehouse Management System). If you aren’t shopping around for these features yet, you ought to consider them before your warehouse is left behind. Keep in mind the usefulness of some of these features, regardless of whether you don’t have a plan of using them immediately.

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