Cash Management

Build and scale your banking Operations with our industry leading transactional banking Platform – (iCashPro). Drive efficiencies by enabling your corporate customers to manage their receivables and payables most efficiently. Aurionpro’s iCashPro product suite is a fully integrated, web-based, end-to-end banking solution. It consists of an independently functioning Front-End Internet Banking and Back-End Banking Operations. The architecture enables centralized hosting with access from all branches or other operational centers. This enterprise-scale platform enables banks to process large volumes of transactions as well as multi-currency, multi-country, imaging and Straight-through-processing (STP) capabilities.



Payments Module

  • iCashPro’s powerful payments hub handles all types of paper based instruments including Banker’s and Customer Cheques also IFT, UAEFTS, WPS, RTGS, SWIFT, and SARIE.
  • Manage large volume payments of dividend and interest warrants
  • Prevents fraud by providing a single window to reconcile all payments transactions.


Collections Module

  • Complete control of the process of collecting funds through electronic and paper-based modes
  • Post Dated Cheque features include vaults and bins that physically map the instruments, handling all special conditions including swaps, cancellations, and loss of instruments.
  • Tracks receivables on a real-time basis and facilitates reconciliation upon receiving funds.


Liquidity Management

  • Enables bank management to track bank’s liquidity status while permitting the collection of funds from decentralized entities
  • Supports all types of sweeping and pooling mechanism by defining Concentration Account as Zero Balance, Target Balance, and Range Balance.


Mandate Management Module

  • Flexible and automated system that enables the processing of direct debit transactions along with mandating validations.



  • Improve collection times
  • Enable just-in-time payments
  • Optimize idle float and reducing borrowing cost
  • Improve relationships with banks’ corporate suppliers and dealers
  • Enable solution customization through Workflow and Product Designer features
  • Support multi-currency, multi-country, imaging, and STP features

Success Stories

In Abu Dhabi, one of the UAE’s largest banks offers online Cash Management Services to its Corporate and SME customers through Aurionpro’s iCashPro suite.
Aurionpro helped the third largest private sector bank in India modernize their payments platform with iCashPro and accelerate payments processing with Straight- Through Processing (STP).
In Manila, Aurionpro helped Union Bank of the Philippines modernize their Payments platform which resulted in an enhanced the customer experience and improved operational efficiencies.