Loan Origination System

Aurionpro’s Loan Origination System product suite is an end-to-end integrated credit risk management system which improves productivity, enhances credit quality, and reduces operational risks. The Credit Risk Management System incorporates the Basel II risk management framework as well as best-of-breed credit risk management practices from international banks. The solution is a strategic risk-based lending platform to enhance credit quality and improve productivity. It is also the data gathering infrastructure for all three credit risk management approaches of Basel II (Standardized, FIRB, and AIRB).



  • Improving collection efficiency & effectiveness
  • Control legal, operational, liquidity, and market risk of collaterals with SmartLender CLIMS, Basel II compliant post-approval platform
  • Make the best possible commercial lending decisions with SmartLender CLOS’ real-time risk assessment and reporting tools
  • Holistically improve your overall collateral, limits and exposure management with SmartLender Collateral Management System
  • Have a real-time, consolidated view of your global limits and exposure with SmartLender’s FILMS
  • Decrease application turnaround time, launch new products quickly, and proactively manage risk through SmartLender RLOS, the industry’s leading retail lending platform

Success Stories

In Singapore, a premier global financial institution used Aurionpro’s SmartLender RLOS to streamline its credit approval process and enhance its regional competitiveness
In London, a global financial services company selected Aurionpro’s Collateral Management System (CMS) to gain visibility across collateral positions and exposure worldwide.
In Singapore, a large local bank with operations overseas deployed Aurionpro’s end-to-end technology to consolidate its credit application process, making the bank a viable choice for SME business owners.