SmartLender Retail Origination

Rules & Workflow-driven Web-based Platform Banks And Retail Lenders


Streamline And Holistically Improve Standard Underwriting Process

SmartLender Retail Origination was created with an inherent design philosophy in mind with Minimum Turnaround Time and Proactive Risk Management. SMLR equips lenders with the essential technology to offer high closure rates from prospect to customer by focusing on origination automation, which reduces turnaround time from application to approval and minimises go-to-market delay in launching new products.

Delivering Experiences

Solutions Minimising Turnaround Time, Without Increasing Risk

  • Comprehensive Data Capture for all Application Types
  • Instant Duplicate Check
  • Powerful Campaign and Product Management
  • Credit Reports and Eligibility Checks
  • Aggregating Auto-Decisionning Information for Credit Assessment
  • Rules-driven Tailor-made document checklists
  • Road-show and Promotions Facilitation (Pre-Score)
  • User-specific Task Lists, Application Journal and Service Level
  • Agreements (SLA)
  • End-to-End Straight-Through Processing (STP)

SmartLender Retail Origination Benefits

Better Customer Experience

Operation Efficiency is achieved since RM does not need to prepare a proposal if they know the pre-score result is poor. Credit Approvers are not weighed down by suggestions that may or may not be in accordance with credit risk policies

Holistic, Transparent & Interactive

When the RM receives “good qualification” and approval, then the proposal creation process begins. Approvers can observe modifications by using the inbuilt function, which displays the changes made for each rework cycle.

Integration & Auto Population of Data

Data shall auto fill into the letter of offer and goes straight through processing, resulting in minimal data entry

Minimizing Go-to-Market Latency & Increase The Speed Of Deal Closure!