SmartLender Commercial Post Approval

Mitigate Losses On Loan Payback With Simplified And Streamlined Monitoring


Better Risk Management With Lower Portfolio Losses

SmartLender Commercial Post Approval is a solution for banks and financial institutions to quickly monitor, comply with, and document every occurrence that may have an influence on the payback of loans, allowed limits, and other facilities, allowing banks to take fast action. It monitors various Terms & Conditions like the Covenants, Condition Precedents (CP) and Condition Subsequents (CS) set against the approved loans.

Delivering Experiences

Solutions Improving The Likelihood Of Loan Repayment

Catalysts Of Commercial Post Approval Processes


SmartLender Post Approval Benefits

Automated & efficient covenant compliance monitoring in real time

Streamline communication between bank’s front office and back offices

Easy integration with various host systems

Reduce Loan Losses, Bank On SmartLender!