SmartLender Cloud

Deploy & Implement Digitalize Credit Risk Management On Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud


Secure, Scalable And Cost Efficient Lending Automation

SmartLender Cloud makes use of the majority of the advanced cloud infrastructure to automate and digitalize the process of information gathering, analysis, decisioning, and ongoing monitoring in a simple, state-of-the-art, and intuitive manner, allowing Financial Institutions to originate and manage their loans and associated instruments. Its highly scalable and durable design ensures easy deployment and implementation in public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

Delivering Experiences

Solutions Over Cloud -To Originate & Manage Loans And Associated Instruments

Catalysts Of Smart Hybrid Cloud Approach

Public Cloud

With this solution server infrastructure belongs to service providers such as Oracle, AWS and Microsoft Azure that manage it and administer pool resources

Hybrid Cloud

Server infrastructure is available in both private and on-premise configurations. This combines the best characteristics of both public and private clouds.

Private Cloud

  • The server infrastructure belongs to the bank/financial institution and can be hosted either externally or on-site
  • Infrastructure is maintained on a dedicated private network and is only available to the bank/financial institution

Differentiating Features

SmartLender Cloud Benefits

Traverse On Cloud To The New World Order!