Digital Branch DX

Our Digital Branch DX is industry class solution powered by the ACE platform and is designed to automate the traditional Branch of yours to perform at levels of efficiency, personalization and speed while creating an immersive, delightful digital experience for your customers.

How would you like it if, you can give a consistent omni-channel experience to your customers, along an digitally immersive experience. Maximize revenue share of your customers wallet increased by up to 40% while reducing cost of branch operations by a minimum 20%.



  • Drive best in class Branch Transformation with automated branches powered by self-service kiosks helping improve revenue maximization
  • Can increase new client acquisition by over 25% and reduce cost of client acquisition by at least 20%
  • Dramatically optimize branch Cost of Branch operations
  • Reduce real estate costs of Branch while improving transaction speed by at least 25%


  • Retrieve an online application, complete and print debit card instantly
  • Cash and Cheque deposit systems
  • Self-service dispensing mechanisms
  • Live video support
  • Add-on peripherals like passport scanners, driving license scanner, bar code scanners, and cash/card-based payment options
  • Customizable to suit your business process
  • 100% integrated with your existing CRM and Analytics engine
  • Aided by a industry powered personalization and smart analytics frameworks


Product Specifications

Aurionopro’s Digital Branch DX delivers broadest of features to handle our customer’s unique requirements and offer the shortest turnaround times in the industry and translate the imagination of our customers into an outstanding customer experience.

Integrated Self Service Architecture

Our ‘Integrated Self Service Architecture’ (ISSA) is the most comprehensive platform to rapidly deploy a self-service solution across a wide range of industries like Banking, Telecom, or Retail.

ISSA comprises a series of plug-in modules and an array of customizable modules that help customers to market faster with stable, secure, and feature-rich self-service applications that are easy to use and support your business objectives.


Key ISSA Components

  • Content Manager
  • Device Point (Monitoring & Diagnostic Tool)
  • Experia (Layout & Media Manager)
  • Transaction Manager (Redirects all Transactions from the Kiosk to appropriate back end servers encapsulates the message through a relevant method)


  • A common, unified, and unique communication interface with the involved back end systems that can be easily maintained and updated
  • Access to all back end systems through a widely adopted open standard (Web Services) that all enterprise application vendors support and recommend
  • Reusability of the interface by other applications


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