Digital Queue Management

Digital queue management system, OptiQ is a complete customer experience platform which is designed to differentiate you from your competitors. OptiQ infuses real-time branch analytics and dynamic customer intelligence while providing visibility, insight, and answers for streamlining customer flows.

Combined with Insight, the real-time Customer Feedback System and Experia, the Adaptive Advertising platform, we provide an unrivalled range of touch points that helps in increasing customer retention leading to better customer loyalty.

Digital Queue Management



Increase customer retention

  • Identify and prioritize VIP customers.
  • Redirect VIP customers to your best salesman to increase the probability of cross and upsell across the counter.

Turn tellers into sellers

  • Integrating the CRM with OptiQ enables tellers to understand the profile of your customer better.
  • It helps them anticipate the needs of your customer and explore possibilities to cross sell and up sell your new products.

Workflow optimization and quality of service

  • OptiQ maps key employee interaction events, critical service metrics like service times and wait times to real-time dashboards.
  • OptiQ’s real-time FloorView gives up to the minute waiting status of every customer type- how long they have been waiting and for what services.

Increase operational efficiency and employee productivity

  • OptiQ’s built in ‘RAISE the Performance Bar’ allows management to define service benchmarks for each type of service.
  • Continuous real-time monitoring of service quality encourages Service Representatives to either better or match the accepted benchmarks, thereby increasing operational efficiency across the enterprise.

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