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Working at Aurionpro means each day you come to work to solve real world problems for businesses and consumers using the power of software and technology. We believe that our biggest strategic differentiators are our people. We pride in our open culture that empowers collaboration, have a never ending thirst for excellence and constantly challenge status quo. Come work with us if you want to add a spring in your step and a smile on your face as you come to work every day.

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Aurionpro’s Accelerate global internship program is an in-depth internship program designed to help Aurionpro collaborate with talent in academia around the world to come in and solve some of the innovation challenges. Areas where the interns would work on include product design, product strategy, technology, engineering, sales, marketing and human resources functions. The interns recruited as part of Accelerate work directly with Aurionpro’s leaders to solve business challenges relatively.

If you are currently a student of technology – hardware or software – or a business school student seeking to be in the midst of a real world business problem and thirsting to solve it using all your talent and knowledge, write to us now and we are happy to engage to see what mutual fit could be drawn that allows us to collaborate towards improved innovation at Aurionpro.
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Know from our interns

Jagriti Kashyap, IIM Ranchi


It was a fantastic learning experience for me as well as all the other interns. Being a marketing enthusiast, I was really looking forward to the project. At Aurionpro’s fast track program schedule, we learnt a lot about the company and the industry as a whole. The organization has a really friendly and dynamic culture that focuses on and encourages individual talent and teamwork. The result is that people with various skills collaborate for creating and accomplishing a given task in the best possible way.

B2B marketing has its own set of challenges and stakes which completely dominate the industries and even influence whole economies at a time. The project helped me learn how to appeal to prospects via multi-modal lead generation, how analytics and automation are going to change the scenario for marketing and how alignment of all marketing efforts to sales is the ultimate weapon to survive in the industry.

Bhushan Khekade, IIM Ahmedabad

bhushan khekade

It was a very good experience, especially in terms of the exposure towards banking products. As part of the Accelerate program, I worked on two projects both from the financial services sector. I am glad that I got a chance to present and discuss my project analysis report with Aurionpro CEO, Mr. Samir Shah; very few firms give such opportunity for the interns.

This exposure has not only helped me understand the complex Banking back-end systems and procedures. But, has also helped me grasp how innovative banking solutions designed by Aurionpro can help banking sector simplify these procedures. These leanings will always be helpful in my upcoming corporate life.

One key takeaway will be understanding about how business can be evolved through targeted and unique approach taken by Aurionpro.

Arpit Mahopatra, IIM Lucknow


A lot to learn and a lot of fun while doing so. Working closely with the experts in the sector and getting valuable insights regarding various best practices and approach to the problem at hand.

In the initial days, since the industry was new to me, getting grasp of things was taking time. But with time, and with help from my mentors, I started by research and at the end was able to provide the team with valuable insights and action items which in near future would help Aurionpro expand their presence globally within the logistics industry.

I have awesome memories of time spent collaborating with fellow interns in Mumbai. Some new friends. Mentors to look up to and learn from.

Minal Patel, IIM Lucknow

minal patel

My experience at Aurionpro was good. I got to learn a lot not only from my seniors, but also from my fellow interns. Everyone was helpful and ensured that I felt comfortable working at a new place.Another thing I really liked about my internship was that I got to work on a project that could be actioned immediately, based on the detailed analysis and corresponding recommendations by us.
My project was quite challenging-it involved understanding the existing business model for the customer experience solutions portfolio, and then assess its market potential for the Europe geo. The biggest challenge was to extract the exact information needed & analysing it.
The most important thing which I learned from this internship was the importance of collaboration and team work to arrive at concrete, actionable solutions.

Kriti Singh, IIM Lucknow


I had a great time at Aurionpro. I always looked forward to each day here because every day brought new learnings. The kind of energy in the office was exciting and contagious. Right from day one, I was in touch with the best of people, thought leaders who inspired and encouraged me to strive for excellence. I am very much thankful to my mentor, Mr. Balaji Desikamani, for his constant guidance and to the entire marketing team, who kept learning, creativity and fun levels always high!
I worked closely with the marketing team. The project was at the intersection of marketing and strategy, which threw interesting challenges and key learning experiences.This internship really helped me in broadening my learning horizons. The internship was not only a good practical experience in the marketing area, but also a great way to improve soft skills. Needless to say, I learned a lot in my field of internship with Aurionpro

Aurionpro - TestimonialAurionpro - Testimonial

Employees Speak

  • At Aurionpro, we design be highly effective and robust solutions ensuring that a client gets it in a cost effective way with maximizing effectiveness. The open and collaborative culture at Aurionpro helps in communication with peers as well as easy access to the management team. It's a fun working in an environment, which emphasizes on work as much as it encourages its employees to excel.

    Prashant Yewle
    Prashant YewleTechnical Lead
  • Even being thorough professional, Aurionpro has maintained its vibrant and open work culture. Everyone gets equal opportunities to try new roles or work in their desired functions, contribute to a diverse range of projects and accept new, exciting challenges. Talent is appreciated here, also growth potential and opportunities are immense. I value working with our customers. I am thankful for the strong, supportive relationship I have been able to develop with my managers.

    Edna Silas
    Edna SilasProject Lead
  • At Aurionpro, we secure the customers enterprise with innovative solutions using our IP and services. The best thing that I like about working with Aurionpro is that there is no opaque layer between any teams. The engineering team can always access highest management if needed and they are ready to respond. The transparency at your workplace always makes it your first choice to work for.

    Deepansh Mathur
    Deepansh MathurTechnical Lead (Enterprise Security Team)
  • We create rich internet applications that are collaborative and highly customizable. Smiles that we have brought on customer’s faces so far is the biggest reward that one can ask for. Here everyone gets a chance to be an expert in anything and everything that concerns her/his job, and that is where all the learning lies. There are a host of fun activities that are organized throughout the year, that keep the tempo high!

    Himanshu Garg
    Himanshu GargTechnical Lead (Webcenter team)