Payments Solutions

Laced With Real-Time Integrated Transaction Technology


Enabler Of Faster, Predictable, and Transparent Payment Transactions

Our payment solution enables banks with seamless domestic and global payments with future ready technology to address the changing payments landscape across the world.

The need to ADAPT to the new Digital Order

  • With the rapid pace of disruptions in the payments space, banks need to quickly embrace digitization to support innovative payment systems and manage compliance with evolving regulations.
  • Innovative digital payment instruments enhances speed, reliability and predictability of payments
  • Being digital ready helps to stand the changes like increased number of independent payout networks that are out of the SWIFT wire network

Delivering Experiences

On One Integrated Payment Suite

With iCashpro+ Integrated Payment Suite, create fast and secure payments ecosystem for local and global transactions.

PAYment ICN V2 01

Electronic Payment

PAYment ICN V2 02

Paper Based Payments

PAYment ICN V2 03

Cash Payouts

PAYment ICN V2 04

General Payment Features


Electronic Payment

  • Domestic and Cross Border Payments
  • Intra-Bank and Inter-Bank Transfer
  • Low Value and High Value Transfer
  • Real Time Transfer
  • Top-up Payments

Paper Based Payments

  • Cheque Writing at Bank and Client end
  • Centralized and Decentralized Cheque Printing
  • Customized Cheque Printing
  • Advice Printing
  • Inventory Management

Cash Payouts

  • Cash Payment at Branch
  • Integration with ATM Switch for Card-less payments
  • Capturing beneficiary identification proof
  • Doorstep delivery of cash through Vendor

General Payment Features

  • Bulk file processing
  • Adhoc / Single Payments
  • STP and Non-STP workflow
  • Advice Generation
  • Flexible Approval Matrix
  • Statutory Payments
  • Alert and Notification

iCashpro+ Payment Solution Benefits

Experience New Order Of Payment Systems In Real Time!