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Entryway To Comprehensive and Compatible Online Global Trading Activities


 Trade Finance Solution For Managing International Trading

iCashpro+ trade portal is a complete, low-risk, intelligent trade finance solution that is interoperable with a wide range of core systems, assisting banks in digitising not only their front-end, but their whole global trade through automation .

The need to ADAPT to the new Digital Order

  • Flexible Front-End: A robust trade portal must handle the requirement for producing requests for the issue of LC / SBLC / Guarantees / Loans, as well as enable end-to-end import and export functions and activities online.
  • The digital age needs seamless transactions that can be initiated using a variety of channels, including branch walk-ins, customer online portals, and mobile devices.
  • Manual control for regulatory, internal compliance , domestic and international trade guidelines, country specific compliances increases regulatory challenges.
  • The new way of banking has Increased competition leading to low profit margins for the business.
  • Back-end Integration of adaptors and integration technology needs to be seamlessly integrated with Trade Finance solution.

iCashpro+ Delivering Experiences

Enabling World Connectivity Of Trade For Businesses

iCashpro’s trade portal gives solutions to simplify the management of worldwide trading services at minimized costs and increased efficiency.

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Letter of Credit

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Trade Portal ICN 03

Export Bill Collection

Trade Portal ICN 04

Inward / Outward Remittance



  • Initiate, Amend, Cancel LC requests and submit various trade related documents
  • Support to initiate and track Bank Guarantees
  • System supports option to initiate Trade Finance requests on LC
  • The Collection Bills captured on the Trade backend will be synced and shown on frontend
  • The importer can initiate requests for Bill Payment


  • Submit the Bills raised on the Importer
  • Track Bills status as well request for Bills discounting
  • System provides option to show the LC details received by the Bank from the Importer
  • Application also provides option to submit Trade documents

User Experience

  • Improved usability in the form of a simple and clean UI, as well as fast access between different menus and functions via quick links and a mega menu.


  • To make recurring requests easier, pre-filled templates can be saved and recalled.

iCashpro+ Trade Portal Benefits

Portal For Businesses To Traverse In The New Digital World!