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Smart City Overview


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Aurionpro has been at the forefront of smart cities and mobility initiatives across the globe. We work closely with governments to implement Digital Urban Infrastructures that can help citizens realize their aspirations using a combination of disruptive technologies backed by a strong service network.

We believe that our vision of Smart Cities enabled, powered, and integrated by Digital Future has the ability to touch and alter the lives of countless residents by providing a safer, more convenient, and desirable environment.

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Digital Twin City Platform

Aurionpro has pioneered the implementation of 3D Cities globally. The 3D city platform has the potential to change the way urban planners think about city formation, development, and administration. Urban planning stakeholders may better foresee hazards and find innovative methods to boost efficiency by using high-resolution visualisation tools and simulation scenarios.

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City Planning

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Solar Power Management

Digital Twin City ICN 03

Navigational Applications

Digital Twin City ICN 04

Complex Infrastructure Planning

Digital Twin City ICN 05

Environment Planning

Digital Twin City ICN 06

Traffic Management

Digital Twin City ICN 07

Facility Management for utility nodes

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Sanitation (solid waste management)

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Disaster Planning

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Adequate Water Supply Management

Centralised Project Management System Platform

Centralized Project Management System (CPMS) is a smart management technology platform that gives real-time data insight into key aspects of project management like budget and cost management, schedule plan V/s actual plan etc.

  • Single platform for centralized project and program managements for all large project like Infra, agriculture, electricity, irrigation etc.
  • Real time measurement capturing have been made possible via mobile application directly from the project field.
  • 3D modelling based estimation of material content can be compared with manually prepared estimates to save additional costs.
  • Real Time Measurements taken via Mobile application directly from the field is providing real time measurements data, with Geo tagging & real time pictures has enabled effective monitoring of projects execution.
  • With CPMU implementation, an end to end traceability and transparency from project planning to execution management and cost monitoring and management.

Smart City Solutions

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City Surveillance

Smart City Solutions ICN 03

Variable Messaging Systems. (Indoor & Outdoor)

Smart City Solutions ICN 04

ICT Enabled Waste Management System

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Smart Parking

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Smart City Solutions ICN 07

City Communication Network – MAN and WiFi Solutions

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Smart Lighting

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City Mobile App

Smart City Solutions ICN 10

E Challan For Traffic Management

Smart City Solutions ICN 11

Social Media Analytics

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City Wallet

OTT Platform Solutions

Media Asset Manager (MAM)

Media Asset Management Tool lets you control even single aspect of your service: from the backend of your application to your Customers’ / user’s screens.

  • Allows Automated workflows
  • Creates Data module – for Electronic Program Guide (EPGs), metadata, ingest/ inputs
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) Friendly and allows relational filtering for video player
  • Provides Integrated module for analytics and user management
  • Service Management for content, images, localisation services
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Live Streaming

Low Latency Streaming and Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) with cloud-based encoding system allows users to access the live content anytime, anywhere.

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Live Events

Possibilities of Scheduling, promoting, managing, delivering and monetizing of live events – multiple concurrent or stand-alone

OTT Platform ICn 03


Seamless Editing – manual and/or automated -for short & long form video content

OTT Platform ICn 04


Choose and implement the Business Models – With access to review untapped revenue and market share

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Content Management

Right from idea inception to distribution of Content – For localisation and personalisation playlists.

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Pre-integrated – best of breed -Video data analytics on MAM to know and grow your audience.

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Deploy the app login model that streamlined with your audience engagement strategy.

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Data syndication through MRSS, XML and JSON available to multiple third parties for on-demand assets or live streams

MAM Benefits

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Manage the frontend presentation with your branding, bespoke content curation, and translations

OTT Platform ICn 10


Syndicate your content via a set of APIs which allow third parties to retrieve video assets via MRSS, JSON, or XML

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Multiple Payments Methods

Payments can be made using Debit & Credit Cards, Gift Cards, Coupons via Integrated Payment Providers. Multiple Currency options available.

Archive Manager (VOD)

Make your live content instantly available as video-on-demand

  • Automatically archive all live streams to VOD.
  • VOD will automatically be available on any video streaming platform.
  • VOD archive automatically applies to any access and monetization settings enabled on the live stream
  • Support for on-demand and continuous linear broadcast with 12 or 24 hours, DVR, and 24/7 linear stream with DVR.

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