Smarter Money Management With Automated Collections


The Gateway To Efficienct & Error Free Processes

Collections is a one stop solution for switching from expensive, time-consuming, and complicated paper trails to electronic transactions. Its a gateway to reduce delays,frauds, manual errors and improve efficiency with top notch technology.

The need to ADAPT to the new Digital Order

  • With automated collection procedure is automated, there is a lesser risk of fraud and human mistake.
  • The practise of deliberately delaying payment processing and a strong reliance on corresponding banking models is severely decreased.
  • Automated electronic collection systems help banks & their corporate clients less cost and fees .
  • Digital solution helps cater sealessly to change in regulations, currency fluctuations, and market dynamics.

iCashpro+ Delivering Experiences

WIth Smarter Collections For Improved Cash Flow

iCashpro’s glocal’ collections module is speedier, provides full visibility across all ways of collection, and is simple to integrate with current core banking systems, allowing for various means of collection based on the customer’s needs.

Receivables Management Solution ICN 06

Paper Trials

Receivables Management Solution ICN 02

Cash Collections

Receivables Management Solution ICN 07

Electronic Collections


Paper Based Collections

  • Integration with cheque truncation system
  • Assured credit on arrangement basis
  • Handling correspondent bank requirements
  • 360 Degree Tracking of PDC’s
  • Manual and automatic lodging and withdrawal

Electronic Collections

  • Debit triggered automatically Online facility to upload debit instruction
  • Comprehensive reports, including mandate registration and debit instruction
  • Comprehensive and customized MI as per requirements

Cash Collections

  • Capture denominations for cash collection
  • Direct credit to corporate
  • Pick up point and pick up date maintenance


  • Auto/Manual Reconciliation
  • Matching rules like FIFO, LIFO, Higher outstanding
  • Integration of Multiple payment sources
  • Force Match/Un-reconcile option
  • Virtual Account mapping capabilities

iCashpro+ Collections Solution Benefits

Bank On The Eletronic Era Of Collections!