Aurionpro Market Systems

Propelling The New Digital Order Of Treasury & Capital Markets

Aurionpro Market Systems Overview


End To End Digitalization Delivering Excellence

Aurionpro Market Systems in one of the Leading Murex Business Partners. We offer our experience and end-to-end services in all installation and upgrade projects for financial institutions, addressing their Capital markets, Treasury, Risk management, and Regulatory needs.

Data Center Development ICN 07
Delivering excellence through project management, test management, front office, risk management, back-office processing, accounting, reports creation, interfaces and workflow management, environment support, and configuration management.
Data Center Development ICN 04
Flexible Project Management Approach that focuses on understanding customer needs, customized project team and delivery management to fulfil the project needs.

Our Services

Enabling 360 Degrees Adaptability To Long Term Value

Our Services includes Advisory Solutions, Project Management Services and Delivery Solutions crafted by our experts to provide end to end solutions tailored as per client needs and expectations.

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Target Technology Model

We assist our clients in matching their operational capacity and strategic objectives, as well as providing solutions that are tailored to their specific company requirements.

Aurionpro Market Systems ICN 02

Technical Proof-of-concepts

We provide analytical integration and various enablement options like Cloud, DevOPS. Governance and Delivery Models.

Aurionpro Market Systems ICN 03

Strategy Consulting

Strategic consulting services to better meet the demands of clients and build service models that fulfil their expectations.

Aurionpro Market Systems ICN 04

Front to Back Business Analysis & development

Our expertise carries business analysis and development skill set providing front to back services adapting the various delivery models suited for client needs.

Aurionpro Market Systems ICN 05

Service Management

Customer focused approach on project management, incident management or change management services providing value addition to clients.

Aurionpro Market Systems ICN 06

Solution Architect

We are engineered to provide best practice solutions in designing, development and delivery.

Aurionpro Market Systems ICN 07

High Quality Delivery

Our Delivery Models place a premium on quality of service and achieving customer expectations. Our skilled crew ensures on-time delivery of high-quality products.

Aurionpro Market Systems ICN 08

Customized Delivery Model

Agile and Flexible delivery Models with team ramp-up, ramp-down based on the project delivery and client needs.

Aurionpro Market Systems ICN 09

Integrated Customer Solution

We give customized delivery and assistance to our clients with the goal of exceeding their expectations and managing cost-effective solutions.

Careers At Aurionpro Market Systems

Your Ladder To Reach Digital Heights

Our goal is to add value to what we do at work by ensuring that we have the correct perspective to grow and lead. We pave the way for personal and professional development.

We are constantly striving to develop and learn.
Our procurement process is a whole management experience that includes identifying needs, evaluating and assessing them, as well as contracting and assigning them. We think that it is through our people that we can make a difference. We are proud of our open culture, which encourages cooperation and drives us to strive for excellence and new challenges.

Job Openings

Academy Program

A training programme for university graduates and non-Murex individuals interested in learning and developing Murex abilities. Our specialists have created a special programme to assist you in studying with ease and according to your specific learning abilities.

Learn & Grow

Our internal learning products are tailored to meet the demands of our clients and aid in our team's self-development. We employ most effective strategy to educate and equip people to meet company demands and compete with ever-evolving capabilities.

Beyond the classroom

We encourage individuals to grow and develop knowledge base in different areas of expertise. Internal team discussions, knowledge sharing, Topic of the week are some ways to expand our horizon in various subjects.

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