Omnifin(R) Lending

Transaction Banking Overview


Omnifin(R) is a comprehensive Loan Management System designed with the objective of providing operational, regulatory, decision-making support and effectively manages the loan portfolio. The Omnifin(R) suite provides solutions for the asset side of the business in addition to account management, core financial accounting, risk management, document management and customer services. Omnifin(R) also supports multibranch / location implementations.

Organizations can even select individual modules that are in sync with their existing setup & the same can be deployed.

Omnifin(R) comprise of the following modules:

Omnifin(R) Lead Management System

  • Lead Capture.
  • Lead Allocation.
  • Lead Tracking.

Omnifin(R) Credit Processing

  • Deal Capture.
  • Verification Initiation.
  • Trade Check.
  • Fund Flow Analysis.
  • Underwriting.

Omnifin(R) Credit Management

  • Loan Initiation.
  • Loan Disbursal.
  • Loan Rescheduling.
  • Loan Closure.
  • Securitization.
  • Post Disbursal Activities.
  • Customer Service.

Omnifin(R) Debt Management

  • Delinquency Management.
  • Classification of Cases.
  • Allocation to Collectors / Tele-callers.
  • Follow up details.
  • Promise to Pay handling.

Omnifin(R) GL & Fixed Assets

  • Accounting year/period creation.
  • Accounting Transactions.
  • Accounting Reports.
  • Fixed Assets Transactions.
  • Fixed Assets Reports.
  • Bank Recon Transactions.
  • Bank Recon Reports.

Omnifin(R) Security Module

  • User Creation.
  • Role Creation.
  • User Based/ Role Based Access Definition.

Key Features:

  • Omnifin(R) Loan Management System caters to requirement of any Installment Based or Non-Installment based loan.
  • Omnifin(R) Loan Management System has a variety of options to calculate repayment like EMI, step-up, step-down, Graded Installment, & Graded Principal.
  • The system supports both Fixed & Floating Rate of Interest. Each scheme can be linked to an interest rate bucket.
  • Omnifin(R) supports tracking the total exposure to a customer by linking all loans of the customer be it individual or corporate.
  • System helps in classifying NPA based on number of installments or days past due & set at a product level. This is handled through Debt Management Module.
  • The repayments in various modes like Cash, Cheque, ECS, SI & PDC are handled through Loan Settlement Module.
  • Documents at all level are tracked by Document master. The documents are segregated three stages: Pre-Sanction, Pre-Disbursal & Post Disbursal.
  • Different interfaces can be created for data to flow from other system within the organization.
  • The GL & Fixed Asset is closely integrated to other mainstream modules.
  • Supports rescheduling of loans on various parameters like interest rate, tenure & due date.


  • Caters to requirements of Consumer Finance, Housing Finance, Trade Finance, Equipment Finance businesses.
  • Omnifin(R) supports the complete lifecycle of Loans for both Retail & Corporate.
  • High flexibility & parameterization of the product ensures that the product can fit into organizations easily. System can easily adapt to the dynamic market and regulatory requirements.
  • Based on the latest technology, system can handle large volumes, high number of concurrent users along with data safety & security.
  • Omnifin(R) is based on Open architecture & non-proprietary standards & platforms, the integration with other applications becomes convenient so prior investments are not wasted.
  • Omnifin(R) is web enabled & is accessible via browser thus supports multi branch / multi location.

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