Credit Risk Management

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Assessment And Management Of Credit – Seamless & Smart

A crucial part of banking operations, lending process calls for more visibility into loan origin, assessing, and its effeicient management. Considering the labor-intensive task of Lending, Commercial Loan Origination is made easy with SmartLender driven by best market practice processes. The solution offers all the operational efficiency involved in the end-to-end Credit Loan Origination, Assessment and Management.

Lending Ecosystem

Integro’s lending product suite is an end-to-end comprehensive credit risk management solution that boosts productivity, improves credit quality, and lowers operational risks.

End-to-end Integrated Credit Risk Management System

SmartLender Suite

Success Stats

Leaders in Corporate and SME Lending and Credit Risk Management platforms across ASEAN countries for past 15 years
Commercial platform is used by leading banks in Asia and supports Assets exceeding 1 Trillion dollars

Credit Risk Management Solution Universe

SmartLender Financial Analysis

Origination & Approval

Collateral & Limits Management

Post – Approval

SmartLender Cloud

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