Receivables Management Solution

Automated, Fast & Reliable Platform For Banks


Comprehensive Receivable Management Needs of Banks – Addressed Electronically

Receivables management solution help banks optimize fund consolidation, minimise expenses, and boost efficiency and profitability for your bank with a standardised, global receivables management system that is tailored to your major corporate/SME clients’ specific requirements.

The need to ADAPT to the new Digital Order

  • An automated receivables management system gives complete insight of account payables and loan receivables.
  • Banks can define adaptable collection packages for new markets with automated receivables management system.
  • Automated electronic collection systems help banks & their corporate clients less cost and fees .
  • Automated solution helps cater seamlessly to change in regulations, currency fluctuations, and market dynamics.Hence, the ‘glocal’ banks with high coverage are the preferred business partners, particularly for SMEs

iCashpro+ Delivering Experiences

Through Convenient And Flexible Debt Collection

iCashpro’s ‘glocal’ receivables management module is faster, provides comprehensive visibility, lowers risk, and integrates easily with existing core banking systems, providing not only technologically advanced automated systems but also paper-based collections and manual reconciliation for clients’ unique needs.

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Account Receivables

Receivables Management Solution ICN 02

Account Payables

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  • Initiation
  • Manual Entry
  • File Upload
  • Host 2 Host


  • Inward Payments
  • Electronic Payments
  • Cheque Payments
  • Cash Payments


  • Setting up of matching rules
  • Auto/Manual Reconciliation
  • Matching rules like FIFO, LIFO, Higher outstanding
  • Integration of Multiple payment sources


  • Capture & adjustment of debit / credit note
  • MIS Reporting with customized additional information
  • Invoice & dealer wise reconciliation reporting
  • Dealer wise outstanding reporting

iCashpro+ Receivables Management Benefits

Receive The Benefits Of Tech Enabled Receivables Accounting!