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Customer Self Service Solutions

Improve Speed, Efficiency & Customer Experience

By combining cutting-edge PCB designs with outstanding technical skills and mass production capabilities, Aurionpro leads the industry in the design and installation of some of the most sophisticated self-service and bill payment kiosks. We serve different industries and have 20,000 terminal installations for global customers till date.

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Iserve Experience

Taking Self Service To The Next Level

We take pleasure in transforming our clients’ ideas into self-service kiosks that deliver unrivalled dependability and an exceptional customer experience .Aurionpro has delivered Iserve solutions to a wide range of companies in a number of sectors, and each solution is tailored to the needs of the customer. On-boarding, cash and check deposit, debit card issuance, and bill payment kiosks are our primary offerings.

Apart from products, our service teams are available 24×7. Our team of system designers and engineers is skilled in dealing with complicated peripherals such as biometric devices, cash and cheque automation systems, and precision driven dispensing mechanisms, allowing us to actually deliver on the promise of 24×7 service.

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On-Boarding Kiosk
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Transaction Kiosk
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Virtual Teller Machine
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E-Governance Kiosk
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Differentiating Hardware + Software Capabilities

Advanced Features

Enabling Delight With Superior Technological Adaption

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