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Tailor Made For Retail Banking Branches

On Boarding Kiosk IMG 2

On-Boarding Kiosk

  • e-KYC
  • Account opening
  • Automate the enrolment and KYC process. Enable front-line service staff to
  • focus on revenue generating activities
  • Engineered for user comfort, the kiosk can be used in any industry
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Transaction Kiosk IMG 2

Transaction Kiosk

  • Bill payment and account summary
  • Single and bunched cash acceptance
  • Single and bunched cheque acceptance
  • CTS compliant cheque acceptance
  • Multi-purpose kiosk ideal for processing payment
    • Can accept magnetic stripe, smart and contactless card
    • Uses EMV and PCI PED complaint peripherals ensuring secured transaction
  • Single and bunched cash automation
    • Stacker capacity : 600-2200 notes
    • Transaction speed : 3 sec to stacker
    • Bunch note feeder can accept 30 notes at a time
  • Single and bunched cheque automation kiosks are designed to handle all cheques without any intervention from the employees and providing customers with printed acknowledgment receipt
    • Position sensor with auto skewing feature
    • Rear-side inkjet endorser for alphanumeric text
    • Captures UV/IR images enabling CTS compliance
    • Prints serial number at the rear of the cheque and scans both sides of the cheque
    • Generates acknowledgment receipt with user-defined input and image of the cheque
    • Serial stacking of cheques
    • User friendly GUI with multiple sorting methods for easy validation and
    • clearance of cheque data before settlement process
  • Check and print account summary
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Virtual Teller Machine IMG 3

Virtual Teller Machine

  • Can be customized according to your requirements
  • Embossing, indenting, image printing option available
  • e-KYC
  • Single and bunched cash acceptance
  • Single and bunched cheque acceptance
  • CTS compliant cheque acceptance
  • Bill payment and account summary
  • Top-up cards
A cost effective alternative to opening a branch by providing convenience of self service, while maintaining personal touch with customers
  • Supports up to 90% of teller transactions
  • Can be customized according to your requirements
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E Governance Kiosk IMG 2

E-Governance Kiosk

  • Manage citizen to government transaction
  • Iris scanner
  • Finger print reader
  • Card Reader with PINpad
  • Citizen card reader
  • Receipt printers
  • A-4 size printer
  • Ideal for government institutions planning to implement self-service solutions.
  • The kiosk can be integrated with biometric options like iris scanners, smart card readers, finger print readers and host of payment options including cash, card and cheques
  • With secure means of authentication, the kiosk is a 24×7 gateway to a host of Government to Citizen Initiatives.
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