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Five decades back in time, who would have thought of a website that would allow us to type our thoughts in only 140 characters, and such a platform would gradually turn into a big success and have the power to alter the way we think, act and behave today? Technology is evolving rapidly, and so is the way we communicate with each other.

Tracing back to our origins, the pioneering invention that aided human communication was a ‘pictograph’ which involved writing being engraved into a stone. The science of communication has reached an altogether new level, ever since then. We are in an age, where Facebook reminds us of our best friend’s birthday, Twitter tells us what is trending, and Instagram gives us a picturesque view of everyone’s lifestyle. Each one of us is inevitably a part of the digital transformation that is taking place today and altering our lives in countless ways.

The advent of e-commerce websites is bringing our necessities to our doorstep within no time. Today, each and every individual has the power to influence the decision made by another individual by sharing a review or recommending something online. This paradigm shift in the way we interact with each other is helping us make better and more informed decisions.

Amplified usage of mobile devices, smartphones, and multi-channel social media platforms is inducing customers to steadily move away from the paper-based mind set and steer towards dynamic communication. Over the past decade, the role of customer communications has been elevated as a core component to help enterprises compete on delivering better and enhanced customer experiences.

With customer communication becoming a key differentiator, static one-way communication has been replaced by interactive customer communication that ensures a connected customer experience. Digitally empowered customers expect brands to know their preferences and engage with them through their medium of choice and have meaningful and timely interactions.

We need to transform the way we look at each and every medium of customer communication like a monthly bill or a statement; and empower customer engagement with a two-way, consistent, personalized and secured customer interactions. Consider customer communication not only as a medium to connect across touch points, but as a crucial channel to establish customer relationships.

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