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In collaboration with Global Payment Asia-Pacific Limited and Mastercard HKG, an event was held on August 30, 2023, at Hong Kong to introduce AuroPaybiz to potential customers.

Purpose of the event: Many businesses struggle with cash flow due to long-delayed invoices and rising bad debt in Hong Kong (6% increase from 2021). Utilizing commercial cards provides instant credit access and flexible payment schedules, stabilizing cash flow and ensuring continuity. Adopting commercial card payments isn’t just about faster transactions but also digitizing overall payments, yielding savings, reducing manual work, curbing fraud, enhancing control, and fortifying business ties.

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Quick recap: The event commenced with a warm welcome from Bal Pangam, CEO of Aurionpro Payments, who introduced the audience to our innovative solutions and shared the company’s objective behind establishing a presence in Hong Kong.

Following this, Shreyansh Durgesh, Chief Product Officer at Aurionpro Payment Solutions Pte. Ltd., took the stage and formally launched AuroPaybiz, our cutting-edge Accounts Payables solution. During his presentation, he highlighted the critical need for automating outstanding supplier payments for businesses. He delved into the product’s features and elucidated the economic advantages it offers to our clients. The primary message conveyed was how AuroPaybiz empowers business leaders and finance managers to optimize their Working Capital and enhance cash flow management.

Mr. Remas Ho, Head of Merchant Acquiring at Global Payments, provided the audience with a comprehensive overview of how Global Payments supports merchant acceptance solutions, with a particular focus on Supplier payments. He emphasized the significant benefits that businesses can achieve through their partnership with Aurionpro Payments.

Concluding the event was a session conducted by Mr. Victor, Head of Commercial Products for Hong Kong and Macau at Mastercard. He underscored the imperative for businesses to embrace innovative solutions to boost profitability and reduce costs by improving overall efficiency.


The event served as a platform to unveil AuroPaybiz and educate potential clients on its capabilities. It emphasized the synergy between Aurionpro Payments, Global Payments, and Mastercard in delivering innovative solutions to enhance business operations, streamline payments, and drive financial success.

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