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Stimulate Customer Engagement And Enhance In-Store Experiences With Innovative Technology

Digital transformation for retailers is about looking beyond marginal enhancements and rethink processes, creating a connected engagement enabled by meaningful application of technology.

It is not only about customer centricity, agility, innovation, data intelligence and new value propositions, but also about streamlining processes, reduce costs and improve efficiencies across the transactional cycle.

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Lighting up the aisle with smart retail

Experia for retail can drive multiple sales cycles in real time enabling your sales assistants to attend customers on the verge of closing the sale. Our smart retail technologies include RFID, pricing databases, NFC and walk-ins recognition.

Strategically placed screens can alert customers to promotions, sales or discounts available in the store. Experia with RFID technologies can be deployed to effectively inform customers about your products creating meaningful customer interaction that can be managed and measured. Activate your customer’s imagination at a time when they are most open to buying a particular product.

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Making The Future Of Core Banking Digital Ready


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Grow revenue by providing a better customer experience

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Reduce costs by adopting more efficient operations

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Create a faster innovation cycle

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