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Cheque Book Overview


Personalise Cheque Book Dispensing

Cheque Book Printing Kiosk is an innovative method for automating cheque/cheque book issuing, suitable for branches that can meet client demands immediately. Cheque Book Printing Kiosks allow banks to automate the cheque-dispensing operation, assuring the timely issuance of high quality completely configurable branch/user booklets with laser inkjet-class printing quality.

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Reduce customer wait time by 30%

Migrate frontline activities into the digital channels
  • Instant Card Issuance
  • Cash and Cheque Automation
  • Automated Visa Control Terminals
  • KYC and On-boarding
  • Branch in a box

Reduce customer attrition by 43%

Track, analyze and map end-to-end customer journey
  • Customer Flow Management
  • Proximity Marketing
  • Customer Feedback
  • Digital Signage
  • Frontline Service Automation

Accelerate omni channel experince by 50%

Drive omni-channel experiences with ACE middleware
  • Omni-channel transaction
  • Customer Analytics
  • Device and peripheral Management
  • Multimodal biometric authentication
  • Interactive Video

4 Steps To Digitalization Of Chequebook Dispensing

4 Steps To Digitalization INFo 04 05

Cheque Book Printing Kiosk Experience

Old School Process Turned Into The New World Convenience


  • Double cheque detection
  • Prints all personal information: cheque number, sequence number, branch address, account number
  • Encodes the MICR codeline according to ISO Standard
  • Reads the printed codeline and rejects defective cheques
  • Rejection bin for cheques showing irregularities
  • Collates the completed cheque book, staples and binds to professional standard cloth finish tape up to 53 sheets
  • 50 leaf personalized cheque book with graphics and textual data along with the cover can be dispensed within 2-3 minutes
  • 50 leaf non-personalized cheque book with pre printed data (account number and branch data) is dispensed within a minute
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Benefits Tailored For Banks

Benefits Tailored ICN 01

Personalized cheque books are provided immediately.

Benefits Tailored ICN 02

Capacity to distribute a single cheque or a booklet containing up to 50 cheques.

Benefits Tailored ICN 03

Cheque books can be obtained from any branch of the issuing bank.

Benefits Tailored ICN 04

Pre-printed cheques have no inventory or storage costs.

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