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There is a restaurant in Los Angeles, located in an inconspicuous neighbourhood and it doesn’t scream gourmet from its facade. It has a female chef leading the menu, and serves food that has its roots in 13th century traditional Japanese meal style called kaiseki where the diners experience the “Chef’s table” pre-organised menus. But that’s not what makes it unique.

You see, this chef ensures that every diner not only experiences her unique brand of signature kaiseki dishes playing out like a symphony or a story by themselves, but also get a chance to meet her at the end of the meal and share their experiences on what they felt at the end of each course. Every diner’s experience and menu of what they are served is documented by the chef. She has 8 binders full – and no customer will ever have a repeat dish at her restaurant. Ever!

Now isn’t that what customer experience means!

It is in the attention to detail. It is in the superlative experience provided each time. It is in the thought and care put into every interaction the customer has with your brand.

We found this definition online and whether you belong to the banking and financial sector, the red hot ecommerce and digital industries or even the entertainment and food sectors, the glove still fits.

A CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE is a Customer’s perception of their rational, physical, emotional, subconscious, and psychological interaction with any part of an organization. This perception affects Customer behaviours and builds memories, which drive Customer Loyalty and affects the economic value an organization generates.

In 2014, customer experience was pegged as a top priority for most marketers, whereas in 2015 it became a central focus. However, 2016 has been pegged as the “year of the customer” wherein customer experience will likely dictate all other priorities for businesses. This is the shift that enterprises need to adopt in their perspective if they are the compete in the hyper speed digitally shaped market, that their customers are a part of.

But simply saying “have a great customer experience” is not enough. You need to define what the key constituents of a great experience are, and that’s exactly what we will do for you. Each post will take you through an important aspect that acts as a contributing factor to your brand’s overall customer experience. The ingredient that will add the umami flavor to the dish your brand serves, so to speak!

So watch this space for our next post on the first essential ingredient that lends to just the right flavour of customer experience!

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