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Anybody familiar with Identity Management in a Digital era will recognize that Identity Management in times of where boundaries of the firewall are blurred can be a very chaotic affair. Multiple tactical tools, access policies, data repositories that even reside outside the firewall, a combination of manual processes, etc., only complicate matters.

While digital has blurred boundaries, user authentication continues to be anchored by usernames and passwords making nearly every organization vulnerable to credentials harvesting, identity thefts and cyber attacks. These recurring Identity and access problems continue even though identity management scales to become a bigger element of enterprise security. As enterprises embrace cloud, social and mobile, they tend to lose coverage and control of their IT infrastructure. This essentially indicates that they need to have higher degree of control and checks, balances on the parts of their infrastructure where they still exercise control. Thus Enterprise Security is driving Identity Management to redraw the boundaries of their IT.

In such times, there have been a slew of new age Identity Management providers like Ping, SailPoint, ForgeRock in addition to the original heavy weights like Oracle who continue to attempt and scale their coverage to suit the digital times. But CISOs are increasing relying on one professional expert who have and approach Identity Management for their IT with enterprise wide view and can offer a unified Digital Identity Platform for making their security objectives a reality. Clearly CISOs need a Trusted Security Partner.
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