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The sweeping wave of digital innovation has not left no industry untouched and the Logistics and Supply Chain industries have also had to grapple with how to leverage new age, cloud, mobile and digital technologies to foster innovation within organizations. Logistics players need to rethink how their distribution operations can function in light of the possibilities that the new digital shift offers.

CIOs are evolving to take centre stage as Data, Digital and Innovation has opened up newer opportunities. But success towards greater efficiency and greater yield on investment is not easy. They ought to learn to leverage technology to achieve flexibility and agility to re-route and re-distribute consignments according to customers’ needs. One of the important elements being explored towards this is the need to have control towers with decentralized technology approaches while gaining with an opex model of using cloud will fit the business better. This is significant give the great demand to optimize the transportation network. The third element is to explore the world of the sharing economy; find out what this means for logistics and how technology can enable logistics companies to indulge in new business models drive by the ‘shared’ mind-set.

Eventually the CIOs who succeed in logistics will be the ones who use integrated solutions and collaboration concepts such as omni-channel distribution, smart city planning and shared fleet management strategies to model a new cohesive supply chain and distribution architecture leveraging cloud. This will yield above than anticipated efficiency gains and cost reduction that are crucial for success in this industry. Aurionpro is participating at the 17th Annual Logistics CIO Forum and should you want to meet up with us to have a conversation around how to streamline and enhance your logistics operations by improving efficiency and optimizing working capital, schedule a meeting with us by contacting us now

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