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The world of digital is expanding rapidly and at a scorching pace. As consumers jump to become more digitally connected with unbridled enthusiasm, the boundaries that had hitherto existed on identity, privileges, controls and data privacy, integrity have blurred so much and has become a point of big concern for enterprises.

It is obvious that the digital consumer is willing to exchange personal data, behavior, demographic for easy seamless access and personalized service. While they leave behind digital bread crumbs with gay abandon, they will still hold the enterprise, the service and business legally accountable to the security of their personal information.

Businesses while attempting to adopt to the ever increasing need for digital are also caught in classic conflict while trying to retain the sanctity of their data privacy and enterprise security promises, policies. Legally they are bound by the laws of the land and the sanctity of their customer promises while market opportunities bait them with the lure of revenue maximization. Chief Information and Security Officers have never had it more exciting or more difficult. In this time and age, Identity is the only truth that gives enterprises the sanctity and visibility of their boundaries. For Consumers Identity is the only truth that gives them their privileges while retaining the security of their vital information. In Part 2 of this blog, we will examine Enterprises need a Trusted Security Partner to make the right calls on Identity Management.

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