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Digitalisation Of Branches

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Creating Unmatched Customer Experiences

We help you Banks, Financial Institutions and Insurance to create unmatched customer experiences. We help the BFSIs to “Lead with Experience” and help them in building a bank branch for the digital age.

We bring in the technology that helps Banks and Insurance to simplify their current processes and make them relevant for customers and once this is done they automate it.

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Manage Your Customer Journey

Banks and Insurance often struggle with unmanaged queues that frustrates their customers greatly. Long queues along with poor service levels and inefficiency of staff leads to a negative customer experience, affecting the future of your business.

With our Customer Journey Management Solutions, you’ll not just manage your queues but you’ll be a trailblazer in providing customer experience. With our Software, Hardware and Service which are adept in this.

With Aurionpro’s Customer Management Products, you can-

  • Streamline customer flow
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Drive revenue

Frontline Automation

Banking after bank hours is a hassle free business now, extend the banking hours without actually extending the working hours of your staff at very minimal or negligible cost.

With our Frontline Automation solution, you’re providing your customers with new experience-led bank banking that not only empowers your customer but also the front line staff with convenient technology.

With Aurionpro’s Frontline Management products, you can-

  • Provide your customer with Phygital Experience
  • Instant Service and reduced wait time
  • Reduced cost of operating a branch

All The Top Banks & Financial Institution Entrusted Aurionpro With There Digital Transformation Journeys

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Yes Bank LG 09 Min
Kotak Bank Lgo1 Min
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Alhilla Bnak Logo1
Axis Bnk Logot
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Solutions To Help You Transform Your Bank

Leverage our branch transformation solution to amplify sales reach and re-define CX (Customer Experience).


Banking Financial Benifit ICN 01

Increase in revenue per transaction

Banking Financial Benifit ICN 02

Measure branch service level from any location

Banking Financial Benifit ICN 03

Monitor the performance of the staff in real-time

Banking Financial Benifit ICN 04

Cut down in operational cost

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